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          There are plenty of day trips and excursions you can take from Marbella
          You can take a private taxi to all of these locations with us. You can explore on your own.

          Golden Mile, Puerto Banús, Arabic Palaces, Historic Center, Promenade…
          Book Private Taxi From 35€ including way back. (1/4 Passengers) – Duration: 45 Minutes. Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Malaga is just an hour’s drive from Marbella and is supposedly one of the oldest cities in the world so there is much to see and lots to do while you are there. The Alcazaba is definitely worth a visit – the Moorish fortification once protected the city from pirates – while overlooking it, the Gibralfaro Castle has magnificent views of the city. Other attractions include the Picasso Museum which showcases drawings, etchings and ceramics made by the artist; the Plaza de Toros or bullring; the Quecha Theatre which is the oldest architectural remains in the city and dates to the 1st century BC. The harbour in Malaga is currently undergoing huge developments and you can see all the cruise ships as they dock while there are some great restaurants and bars to visit and sample some local cuisine. Check out La Moraga and Café de Paris for some seriously good grub!

          Also make sure you take a stroll down Calle Larios, the main high street in Malaga – a great alternative to the large shopping centres – where you will find all your favourite shops. The street opens out into one of the main squares where you can find cafes, bars, tapas and patisseries so you can lose yourself for hours shopping then head to the bars and cafes for some great refreshments.

          Book Private Taxi From 65€ to Malaga City Center or 120 including 3h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

          The proposed itinerary will allow you to make a historical tour of the most important monuments of Malaga, from Phoenician and Roman remains to buildings today described the nearly three thousand years of history of the city. During the tour, you will visit the most emblematic among which include places:

          – Roman Theatre.
          – Alcazaba Castle.
          – Bullring.
          – Plaza de la merced.
          – Picasso museum
          – Mercado Municipal.
          – Gibralfaro Castle and Mirador.

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          Mijas is an Andalusian municipality in the province of Malaga (Spain). It is located on the Costa del Sol, 30 km southwest of the provincial capital, and integrated into the region of the Costa del Sol, the joint board of the same name and the judicial district of Fuengirola.In 2011 it had 79,262 inhabitants, making it the third largest municipality in the province in terms of population. It focuses on three main urban centers: Mijas Pueblo, located on the slopes of the Sierra de Mijas, is the historic center of the town; Las Lagunas, located in the area called Mijas Costa, part of the urban continuum of the city of Fuengirola; and La Cala, a coastal town. The area of the municipality is 148 km² and extends from the coastal mountains of Penibética to the Mediterranean Sea.

          Inhabited since ancient times, a small village Mijas was devoted mainly to agriculture and fisheries to the explosion of the tourist boom in the 50s of last century. Since then, tourism and construction sector have been the drivers of the local economy, firing at the same time the population and per capita income, albeit at a high cost medioambiental.6 Today is a multicultural municipality a high percentage of foreign residents and one of the main centers of residential tourism in Andalucia.

          Book Private Taxi From 40€ to Mijas City Center or 70€ including 2h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Up in the mountains of Malaga province lies the magnificent town of Ronda, split down the centre by a 100m gorge, known as ‘El Tajo’ that separates the medieval old part of the town from the 18th century part. Ronda is 60km away from Marbella and is very popular amongst day-trippers from the Costa del Sol reputed to be Hemingway’s favourite city in Spain.

          The gorge is spanned by three bridges ‘The Roman Bridge’, ‘The Old Bridge’ and ‘The New Bridge.’ The most impressive of the three is ‘The New Bridge,’ an elaborate stone structure standing 120 metres above the canyon floor. Designed by the famous architect Aldehuela, it was finally completed in 1793 having taken 40 years and many lives to build. You can take a tour bus to the bottom of the gorge to capture the classic Ronda picture for yourself.

          Crossing over to the modern Ronda, you will come to the Parador; a walkway that runs along the river gorge and offers visitors superb views of the river Guadalevin below. If you follow the walkway round you will come to the Mirador where sightseers are surrounded by flower beds and look out onto the surrounding countryside, the perfect backdrop for a picnic. Behind the Mirador is the famous ‘Plaza de Toros’ bullring designed also by Aldehuela, which is the largest, oldest and most beautiful in Spain. It also has an in-house museum that tracks the history of bullfighting and some of its legendary matadors.

          There is also the partially intact ‘Arab Baths’ found below the city passing through the arch of Felipe V, that date back to the 13th and 14th Centuries. Another sight worth mentioning is The Mondragon Palace that is an exquisite mansion house with fabulous gardens, formerly the home of King Abomelik. This is a great place to settle in the shade and take in the City Hall.

          There are a number of fantastic restaurants in Ronda. Here are a just a few to tempt you: Bar Faustino- which is a Tapas bar in the centre of the city that is non-stop but if you like the buzz the food is good and so is the atmosphere. If your looking for more of a sit-down, relaxed meal there’s the Tragabuches, which is the most renowned in the town, being one of the few Michelin starred restaurants in Andalucia and deservedly so.

          A beautiful town, Ronda is an ideal day-trip for those wanting to branch out from the glitz of Marbella and experience some real Spain. The journey up to Ronda takes just over an hour from Marbella and the road up meanders through the mountains with some spectacular scenery all along the way!

          Book Private Taxi From 65€ to Ronda Old Town or 120€ including 3h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Sotogrande is an exclusive section of the coast, with prime residential housing and sports clubs of all kinds. It is about 5,000 acres in total but encompasses all you could ask for when looking for a pleasurable holiday. It’s situated on the coast only 15 minutes from Gibraltar airport and 25-35 minutes from Marbella. Developed on since 1964 by the American Joseph McMicking it is now home to golf clubs, beaches, bars, a marina, leisure centres and polo clubs.

          Sotogrande’s most prestigious asset is Valderrama golf club that is by far the best in Spain and has played host to numerous professional competitions, including the Ryder Cup. Along with Valderrama there is the Sotogrande Real Club de Golf that’s designed by Robert Trent Jones and of course there is the neighbouring San Roque course designed by Seve Ballesteros. The marina has around 550 moorings that is expanding to double in size and is the perfect setting for a meal in one of the many restaurants along the front.

          On the beach there is also sailing and many regattas taking place throughout the season but is busy even in the winter season. Polo is an extremely popular sport in the area and this obviously attracts its fair share of famous clientele but the clubs also offer courses for beginners and experts alike.

          Sotogrande is fast becoming the place to be seen on the Costa del Sol, there is a distinct feeling of elegance and luxury about the place which makes for a very worthy visit!

          Book Private Taxi From 65€ to Sotogrande or 100€ including 2h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          A day in Gibraltar is often a great thing to do with kids as there’s lots to see and do but whatever you do make sure take your passports! You can get across by foot or by car – there can be queues to get into Gibraltar as you cross the airport runway to get in and out. Once you are on the rock take the cable car to the top of mountain and explore the caves and medieval castle, admire the magnificent views and spot the monkeys. Superstition believes if the apes ever leave the island, then so will the British. Off shore you can enjoy boat trips to see dolphins and whales, possibly even the blue whale if you are really lucky and there are many birds on the rock in spring and autumn, great for bird-watchers.  It is about an hour’s drive to Gibraltar from Marbella. La Linea which is the town just outside Gibraltar – the bus drops you 5 minutes’ walk from the border. Also remember the currency is in pounds not euros!

          Book Private Taxi From 75€ to Gibraltar or 140€ including 3h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Cuevas de Nerja or the Nerja caves were discovered by schoolboys who were looking for bats in 1959 and are now recognised as one of the most important cave systems in the country. It takes about an hour to wander the magnificent caves with the most impressive sight being the 60m high stalactic pillar in the furthest chamber. There are still some of the cave systems that are unopened to the public but the caves that you can walk around are lit well and you are even accompanied by music (albeit not great music) as you walk through the systems. The caves play host to a festival every June with ballet, classical music and singing all performed in the first cave which now has an auditorium.

          Book Private Taxi From 135€ to Nerja caves or 200€ including 3h. waiting and way back. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Granada has lots to offer tourists with much to see and do including the famous Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace constructed in the mid-14th century. One of Spain’s most famous and popular tourist attractions it is made up of gardens, fountains, streams, a palace, and a mosque that are all surrounded by an imposing fortress wall that is flanked by 13 massive towers.

          Other attractions to see are the cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel of Granada and the Charterhouse monastery, while the neighbourhoods of Albayzín and Sacromonte are also popular with tourists. Aside from the attractions, Granada has a wealth of restaurants and tapas bars – you can even enjoy a tapas tour!

          The drive to Granada will take you between two and two and a half hours but there is a bus service that runs from Marbella bus station three or four times a week which can take up to three hours.

          Book Private Taxi From 175€ to Alhambra or 300€ including visit to Granada Old Town, Albayzín,  Sacromonte and way back to Marbella. Duration:  5 hours. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Tarifa is the place to go to totally chill out and relax. With long white sandy beaches, mud baths, and a crystal blue sea you can spend your days sunbathing and building sandcastles then retire to one of the many hotels, beach villas and even campsites for the more adventurous outdoor explorer who doesn’t mind mosquitos and critters before choosing a place to order freshly grilled fish with a glass of vino or two for dinner. An hour to an hour and a half drive from Marbella, Tarifa is also a surfing lover’s paradise and many kite surfer’s up and down the beach from beginners to the more experienced showing us all how it’s done.

          Book Private Taxi From 85€ to Tarifa or 160€ including visit to Baelo Claudia Ruins and Musseum, Bolonia and way back to Marbella. Duration:  4 hours. (1/4 Passengers)
          Remember that the prices are for car, not for each passenger!

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          Take your reserved table in time. Are you tired from a party or have had a few drinks? Taking you to your destination is our responsibility.

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            TARIFAS 2018

            Interurbanas (Resolución de 22/12/2017 Dirección General de Movilidad).

            Urbanas (Resolución de 22/04/2014 Dirección General de Relaciones Financieras con las Corporaciones Locales).

            FARE 3 (URBAN)
            Flag descent 3.17€
            For each Km. tour 0.96€
            For each waiting hour 19.58€
            Minimum service 4.65€
            Salto 0.05€
            FARE 4 (URBAN)
            Flag descent 3.96€
            For each Km. tour 1.20€
            For each waiting hour 24.47€
            Servicio mínimo / Minimum service 5.81€
            Salto 0.05€
            FARE 3 (URBAN)
            Flag descent 4.95€
            For each Km. tour 1.49€
            For each waiting hour 30.58€
            Minimum service 7.26€
            Salto 0.05€
            FARE 7 (INTERURBAN)
            Minimum price 3.18€
            For each Km. tour 1.18€
            For each waiting hour 14.60€
            For each 15 minutes waiting 3.65€
            FARE 8 (INTERURBAN)
            Minimum price 3.18€
            For each Km. tour 1.40€
            For each waiting hour 17.54€
            For each 15 minutes waiting 4.38€
            • Horario de aplicación de tarifas 3 y 7: Días laborables de 06:00 a 22:00 horas.
            • Horario de aplicación de tarifas 4 y 8:Sábados,Domingos y festivos de 00:00 a 24:00 horas y días laborables de 22:00 a 06:00 horas.
            • Horario de aplicación de tarifa 5: Días 24 y 31 de Diciembre de 22:00 a 06:00 horas.

            Todos los taxis están dotados de un libro oficial de hojas de quejas y reclamaciones a disposición del usuario